Comply with the legislation

Your website becomes WCAG 2.1 compliant

DIGIaccess makes it possible to make websites accessible to everyone. The entire process, including full regulatory compliance, is 100% automatic and instantaneous, using AI, learning and image processing technologies..

Best solution for accessibility

Leading technology
for accessible websites

Screenreader settings

Using contextual understanding and automatic image recognition, DIGIaccess scans and analyzes web pages and adapts them in a WCAG 2.1. compliant manner so that the screen readers of blind users can grasp the web page.

Customizations for keyboard navigation

DIGIaccess technology analyzes the structures and elements of the web page on-the-fly and adds keyboard-only functionality to each element.

Individual design adjustments

DIGIaccess software allows each user to make adjustments according to their individual needs. It is possible to customize the user interface and design from content to appearance.